Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday Tip of the Day, Using Baking Soda-Clean Scorched Carpet from your Clothing Iron

     Normally, I do all of the ironing in the home, but as luck would have it, I got the day off yesterday.  Everything was going well until I heard a fair bit of cursing from the other room following a rather loud thud.  Well : ) turns out the iron took a flying leap off the ironing board and stayed on the floor only long enough to leave a fair bit of carpet seared to the surface of the iron.

     Buy a new iron? I don't think so...is there an easy way to clean this mess off without damaging the surface of the iron? Yes,

     Tuesday Tip, Clean Scorched Carpet off your Iron.

     On an old cloth, sprinkle baking soda into it, add enough water to produce a thick paste and rub onto the cold iron.  Scrub paste across the surface of the iron until the carpet residue has come off (only takes a few minutes).  It is a lot easier than some might think.  Rinse the wash cloth and clean any remaining soda paste off the surface of the iron, making sure that any steam holes there may be are cleaned out.  Heat your iron, and iron an old cloth to be sure everything is off of the iron.  Your iron is now cleaned and ready to be used normally again.

     There is no need for harsh chemicals or scratchy cleaning products when something as easy, silky and smooth can be used to clean the surface of your iron leaving it...as good as new.

     I hope you find this Tuesday Tip helpful : )

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