Thursday, 10 November 2011

Homemade Butter and Compound Butter

     Making homemade butter is a lot easier today with modern technology.  Do you know how to make whipped cream? Then you know how to make butter! : )

     Start with a blender or food processor, I used my new food processor.  Start by pouring heavy cream I used 33% Whipping Cream) into the machine.  Turn machine on to a constant pulse and walk away : ) It's that easy.

     After about 7-10 minutes depending on your machine, you will start to see small yellow blobs float to the surface.  The first thing you will notice of course, is that you have made whipped cream.  If you allow the machine to continue past this point, the cream will develop into butter.  Skim off the top of the cream, the thick layer (butter). 

This pic really makes the butter look a lot more yellow than it is...not too much I could do, the other photos are a better representation of the color : )   It's because of the light from the stovetop hood : )

     You'll notice that it has a grainy appearance, that's okay.

     Place butter into a wire mesh colander and let it drain...what drains off is buttermilk.  I used my buttermilk to make fried chicken : D

     Using the back of a spoon, mix the butter around and cream it together to remove more of the buttermilk.  Using your hands, squeeze the butter to release more of the buttermilk, rinse in cold water as this will also help to release buttermilk.  It only takes a few minutes in total before you have a nice creamy butter.  It is so much fun to make and so rewarding when you have your finished product.  It is delicious and fresh tasting, beats store bought any day of the week ; )

     For compound butter, mix your choice of chopped herbs, spice or whatever you like into the butter to flavor it.  I used chopped Parsley and chopped Chives.

     I made two portions with the herbs, one portion with the herbs and a small minced clove of garlic, and left one portion plain.  I only slightly salted the three portions with the herbs and left the plain butter, unsalted.  Leave the butter out wrapped in saran wrap for about one hour at room temperature to let the flavors blend into the butter.

     For a dinner party, I made homemade bread and wanted the homemade butter to go with it.  I took the compound butter I had with the garlic in it and molded it into a log shape, wrapped/rolled it into the saran wrap, using a ruler I pushed the saran wrap tight horizontally length wise against the butter.  It worked like a charm and made the log shape into a tight little bundle.  Twist the ends like a piece of candy and place into the frig until needed.  Using a sharp knife, and rinsing it in hot water, I sliced the log of butter into coin shape pieces, remember to unwrap it first from the saran wrap of course.  I was really amazed as this was my first time making butter-and it won't be the last!


     The other two herb compound butters were smeared semi flat on the plate, set in the freezer for a few minutes to harden and using a melon scooper (run under hot water so the butter doesn't stick to it too much) I made little butter balls, placed them into pretty glass jars and gave them away as gifts to my dinner guests as they were departing.

Truly, it was tons of fun!

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