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Where it all started...my very first post, The Tia Maria Torte for a special someone's very special birthday.
In the beginning : ) August 2011
     I've always held an appreciation for great tasting food that was just as nice to look at as it was to eat and I've cooked at home my entire life, but I was guilty of not always choosing fresh ingredients and being shy when it came to trying new foods. I was in my late thirties before I ever ate an oyster, tried lamb, peeled a shrimp, learned I loved avacado and many more forehead smacking discoveries : )  I went from throwing my turkey and chickens out after eating them to keeping them for stocks to make soups with.  I pay closer attention to the perservatives in the food I buy and try to keep my choices as natural and as fresh as possible, yay!

  These last few years I've discovered a real passion for cooking interesting, fun, and delicious dishes. Stretching my wings in the culinary world you may say, I am certainly not afraid to try new foods now.  I am excited to learn new techniques, discover new ingredients, herbs, spices, and how to use them.  When we share a delicious meal at home now, I am proud to say that I cooked it.  The diversity of our menu always surprised me as well, and with so many of them coming out so yummy, well...I thought, how nice it would be to share those recipes with others. 

So after alittle thought...I decided to do just that, and here we are : )  I hope that some of the recipes here will inspire you to try something new, or to make something you thought you couldn't.  We are all cookin' in our kitchens, right?  We can do this : )

     There's something great to be said for finding something that just works when it comes to recipes, so when we find one we love we save it, to do it again.  I do that too, I have my favorites & they become the classic dishes we rely on and there's nothing wrong with that, but you'll find now that sometimes I might throw in something new just to see how it works out.  I love to mix things up a bit and find different ways to make recipes, variety is one of my favorite spices...

“Variety's the very spice of life, That
gives it all its flavor”

William Cowper quotes (English Poet One of the most widely read English
poets of his day,

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