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How to Choose Top Quality Kitchen Knives, A Guest Post

There are so many things that go into making a meal not only special but also healthy. The use of fresh, quality ingredients and supporting local businesses by purchasing locally grown vegetables and meats is a great way to begin. Using the right kitchen equipment not only saves you time, it can make preparation of a meal easier. How many times have we heard how important the use of good pots and pans are? How difficult does it make it when chopping vegetables with a dull knife?

 I'm lucky today to share with you a visitor to I'm Cookin' In My Kitchen, Sarita Ramakrishnan,  who will share some of her thoughts on this subject.  With Thanksgiving upon us this week there will plenty of turkey to be carved, this article comes to us with perfect timing.

 "I want to know what goes in the foods my child eats and make thoughtful decisions. A few years ago we bought a set of “Global knives” from Selfridges and while they have been expensive, it was worth the investment. Chopping up the vegetables and meats is actually quite satisfying as it’s done with so much ease!"

How to Choose Top Quality Kitchen Knives

Whether you are a master chef or simply an amateur chef, kitchen knives often make up an important part of your kitchen toolbox and help to ensure that you can quickly and easily dice, chop, prepare and consume the food that you put your heart and soul into. If like me you love to cook then you will understand the importance of having a good quality kitchen knife – and you will know how much it can add to your kitchen – so taking your time to choose the right one is essential.
With so many knives on the marketplace it can be hard to know where to start when choosing the right one, so a good place to start is by looking at what you most commonly use your everyday knife for and start from there. Different kitchen knives are used for different purposes and the right knife can make a great difference to the ease of preparing the foods. So it makes sense to start your new kitchen knife collection with the type of knives you would use most often!

What should I look for in a knife?

Reliability, functionality and consistency are three characteristics that you should look for in a good kitchen knife. If you are going to be spending money on an expensive set of knives (or even just a single one to start with) then it’s important that these three characteristics feature throughout. A good knife will be robust and will do the job time and time again. It will also be made of a strong material which won’t rust or become easily damaged and it should be comfortable to hold and well balanced (the weight of the handle and blade of the knife should be evenly distributed).
You need to look for a knife which is well-made and that you can put your trust in, a broken knife or a knife which is dangerous can lead to potentially serious injuries to anyone around you, including yourself. Your knife also needs to be sharp and retain this sharp edge for an extended period of time. A good kitchen knife should allow you to sharpen it easily when it is eventually need, so that it can be used time and time again.

Do I need to consider accessories?

Having the right equipment to work together with your knife is essential and using the right tools to sharpen and maintain your knife in this way goes a long way to ensuring that it stays in a good condition. It’s often worth investing in a good knife block to store your knife, this means that it stays away from any harmful bacteria and moist air which could cause damage to the blade. Many knife blocks also offer an in-built sharpener which can help keep your knives in the best condition and perfectly sharp at all times.
You may also look at the types of sharpening tools that you can purchase, ensuring that you only purchase the highest quality knife sharpeners to keep the blades of your knife ready to go at any point.
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 Sarita Ramakrishnan writes for her personal travel blog where she shares her travel adventures and soon will be adding culinary adventures and recipes from around the world.  You can visit her blog at

Thank you so much Sarita for visiting and for bringing us such valuable information.  You are welcome here anytime you get a chance to visit : )

Until next time Ciao & Happy Cookin'
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