Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sharing with Others

     I recently received an invitation to be a part of, PetitChef

     It is a website where they share thousands of delicious recipes, daily meal plan ideas, and a list of food blogs you can visit as well.  You can even share your own favorite recipe you make at home while browsing through the enormous amount of recipes they offer.  Their directory offers a whopping twenty one different categories for you to choose from to find the food blog that fits your needs.  It has a search engine if you are looking for a specific recipe or even just a dish with a specific ingredient, which I quite often do.

     Being new to the blogging world myself, I am happy to be a part of PetitChef where I can share my recipes with others, and where people searching for yummy dishes can have the chance to find my food blog.  Hopefully, their visitors will find their next favorite dish while reading through everything there being offered.  I look forward to the alliance with PetitChef, and the opportunity it may bring to meet new people who love to cook and enjoy good food.

How to find me on PetitChef?
Ck out this link to find Cookin' in my Kitchen...

     You can go directly to Petitchef by clicking on the link above in the first paragraph or by clicking on their logo on the right side bar of this site. 

     You can also find us both on Facebook as well, and hopefully LIKE what we are doing there : ) Thanks for stopping by and happy cooking!

Cookin' in my Kitchen  on Facebook
PetitChef on Facebook

     Just my (unsolicited) way of saying...Thanks!
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