Sunday, 13 November 2011

OCD, Taco's and What's in your door?

     Sometimes I get something stuck in my head and find it just rolls around in there...and rolls, and rolls, and rolls.  One particular time in my memory was with taco's.  I craved a taco for over a week, maybe even a few, trying to eat healthy, I wouldn't allow myself to go grab one to satisfy the urge.  Resulting in this overwhelming preoccupation with the idea of taco's, I thought of them all the time.  Confiding in a friend of mine and asking what the heck could I do to clear the thought outta there, they laughed and said...go eat a taco!  It worked : ) I ate the silly taco, it was yummy, and the stalking taco thoughts went away.  It was an important lesson in life as well that I remember, and still use to this day.

     As a newbie to the world of Twitter and blogging too for that matter, I find myself browsing other people's tweets and reading blog post's.  One of the posting's I recently ran across has been on my mind a lot since, as it was fun, funny, quirky, and really...I just thought a pretty interesting idea.  Well, today I decided to get it over with, and make one myself.  A hashtag, a title, and a photo...and I was on my way...

     A thanks to has to go out, as it is where I found the fun post, originally from

     Today my Tweet to the world was #whatsinyourdoor?  And here is the picture I posted with the response, Not enough room!  Now I can let it go, and move on to other things : )

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