Friday, 2 March 2012

Chicken & Rice Soup w/ Spinach

A healthy homemade soup

Sometimes when we don't feel well, deciding what to eat when we feel hungry can end up being a huge problem.  We don't want to spend too much time on our feet, we don't want anything too heavy, and sometimes we just can't decide so we stay on the couch.  Starve a fever, feed a cold...we still must eat even when were sick I say. 

When it's someone we love that doesn't feel well...what's better than homemade chicken soup? It's comforting, it's warm, it's wholesome, it's's everything we need when we don't feel well and when someone makes it for's twice as nice.

Step it up a notch by adding fresh spinach.  It's good for you and looks quite pretty in the soup.

Chicken & Rice Soup w/ Spinach
from start to finish...30 minutes

I didn't have anything planned for dinner so when the sickie, I mean sweetie got home and didn't feel well and was undecided about dinner, I decided for him : )

Unprepared as I was, I was still able to whip this great tasting soup up in no time at all.

2, 2-cup bags of homemade turkey stock were in the freezer and were thrown in the pot along with 2 small frozen chicken breasts.
I added 2 cups of water and set the stove to high
I sliced 3 slim carrots thin and near the tops where they were a little thicker, I simply cut them lengthwise and then sliced them in thin halves while the stock was heating.  Grate 1 clove of garlic.
After throwing the carrots and garlic into the stock and water mixture, I seasoned it with fresh cracked black pepper.
Once the broth was boiling and the chicken was cooking nicely, I simply took a knife and fork and cut the chicken breasts into chunks.
Reducing the broth to medium to allow it to continue simmering but not boiling, I started thinking about compliments to the soup.  I had some leftover white rice so that answered the question, pasta or rice...
When the chicken is cooked through (it will be white throughout) add rice and let the rice heat throughout.
Just before serving, add a cup of fresh spinach, place soup in bowls and enjoy : )

When cooking the broth at a higher heat, you may sacrifice a bit by having the broth be slightly darker...some like it clear but, there is no sacrifice on the flavor, it was delicious.  He said it was just what he needed : ) So we got into our cozies after dinner and had a movie night. 

An added bonus?  I got to finish the last bowl for lunch today! Yummy : )

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