Monday, 9 April 2012

Here...Still Standing & A Winner Announcement

It has been a crazy last few weeks. 

I worked through the annoyance and hindrance of trying to get over a cold, struggled with the loss of the use of my laptop...that saga continues unfortunately...

...and helped to organize and prepare for an Easter brunch for oh...around 200 people.  It takes a team of people to pull off such a feat, and they all did a fantastic job of doing just that, I was just one spoke in a large wheel : )  We all worked very hard to turn something that could have been just ordinary into something spectacularly extraordinary, and in my humble opinion, I believe it was just that, very very special.

     I also had the privilege of hosting my very first guest here last week.  Her name is Kayle and she is an awesome cook sharing what she knows over at The Cooking Actress.  Stop by there and say hi for me, will ya? ...and let her know...I'm growing my own green onions too now thanks to her, awesome, I know, right?

     In honor of having her write a post here, where she walks us through making her lasagna recipe, and with it being my very first guest post ever, I decided to offer a giveaway for those who stopped in to visit and were interested in winning.  All you had to do was leave a comment to let us know what one of your favorite all time family dishes was growing up.  It was fun reading the responses, and a joy having you participate.  It was just my way of saying thanks. 

Many of those visiting may already have had the kitchen tools handy dandy hanging around their kitchen, BUT! these are a true treat to own.  I love them...and am ever so grateful that I decided to pick them up one day in the store...yes, I like them that much.  It's just a really great product : )

Thanks to Random.Org, the winner and owner of two brand spankin' new Ricardo Cookware Kitchen Tools is our 4th commenter, Rachel@MyNaturallyFrugalFamily.  Thanks for the memory, I haven't had roast beef in eons : )

Thanks to everyone who stopped in to visit, those who stayed to comment and especially to Kayle @ The Cooking Actress for sharing a recipe with us that is close to her heart.  Thank you, Thank you!

& now...I'll get back to Cookin' In My Kitchen : ) Been a busy lil' baker lately...I'll share some of that with you, so keep checking back to see what's new, till then...

Happy Cookin'
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