Monday, 23 April 2012

Frozen Yogurt Nibbles

I was so excited, I had an awesome recipe for delicious citrus flavored cookies.  I had big plans! Limes-Lemons-Oranges : )  Too bad...I ran out of white sugar half way through the recipe.  Yes, I failed to check my inventory, sigh : ) Oh well, I subbed brown sugar for the 1/2 cup I was short.

Is that why they were an epic...and I mean EPIC fail?  I'm not sure really, all I know was...they were the driest, most plain cookies I had ever had.  One bite sent me running : )

Oh well, I'll chalk it up as a no biggie, and will try it again.  I mean they didn't even taste lemony at all! and with all of the zest and juice, well...I just don't get it. 

It's been a long time since I made something I wouldn't even eat, I mean, truly, I hardly ever even burn anything anymore...I'm always watching too closely : ) just works out that way...

Here's a winner, no baking, no cooking involved and hardly any fuss : )

It's getting hot in some places and starting to warm up here, yay!  So for you who enjoy frozen treats, here's a healthy one for you.

Frozen Yogurt Nibbles

On a sheet pan, covered with parchment paper or wax paper

Drip small amounts of your favorite yogurt from a teaspoon in the sizes you want them to be, on to the pan

Place in the freezer till frozen...10-15 minutes


I can hardly believe it, but this is my 100th post : )

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