Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend.  Packed full of fun, food, friends and of course....feasting.  The weather was nice and afforded us a great day to see waterfalls and rainbows.  The skies were busy at night showing off their Northern Lights display and I really do not think it could have gone any better.  Sharing your table with close friends, good food and tons of laughs has a way of just leaving a grand smile on your face for days afterwards.  I have tons to share with everyone, lots of new recipes, adapted recipes and fun photos.  So be sure to check back this week to find out the goods on how we celebrated the holiday and all the fun that was had.

In the meantime, I have to take the time out to say Thank you to those who stop by and visit and who have also taken the time to "like" the page.  It was a challenge honestly learning how to use the social plug ins and after a few failed attempts, I finally think I managed it (er, could be a work in progress, not sure why it gives me such a hard time : )  Soon though, I will have to delete the Facebook Button that shows that 26 people stopped by and "liked" the page as it is not linked up properly.  But THANK YOU to all 26 of you : )

I have had visitors from all over the world so far and since I am still so new at this, I am amazed at the reach this new food blog has already had.  Thank you and hello to Canada, The United States, The United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, and just recently Australia! Hello-Hello-Hello! And Welcome to my new food blog, be sure to keep checking back.  We can only get better from here : )

Check back every Friday for our new Poll Question, A little bit of fun for the end of a long work week! 

Until then...Goodbye-Cheers-До свидания!-au-revoir bonne journee-auf Wiederhören-hooroo!
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