Wednesday, 23 May 2012

An Award Nomination for Storytelling

Hi!  Thank you so much for swinging by today...guess what?  More good news...CJ at Food Stories has honored me by nominating I'm Cookin' In My Kitchen for the Excellence in Storytelling Award!  How cool is that?!?  Yes, very cool...
It's a great honor to know that when you write something, it's something someone takes the time to not only read but also enjoys. I am truly flattered and cannot tell you much happiness it brings me today.

Once nominated for the "For Excellence in Storytelling" Award, a panel of judges decides who from those nominated are chosen for the monthly award.  The nominee is asked to share one random thing about themselves...

My one random thing...Um, Hmmm..Ah...No just kidding : D  Let's see...

The very first time I ever tried lamb was with my sweetheart during the first year we were dating.  He made me lamb chops for dinner and I loved it!  Now I use it for Shepard's pie and my moussaka.

Another requirement is to choose 5 bloggers that write great food stories that I enjoy reading and to also let them know on their blogs that they have been nominated...this one is easy and my five come immediately to mind...

Michelle at Bite
Dima at Dima's Kitchen
Lizzie Marie @ Lizzie Marie Cuisine
Ben Starr @ Ben
Helene @ Masala Herb

If you're not yet familiar with these blogs, I assure you, they are awesome! I enjoy their stories and think you will too.

Again, let me thank CJ at Food Stories for nominating me for this award, hop on over and visit Food Stories for great food news, recipes and even for the daily food holiday : )  Today, May 23rd 2012 is National Taffy Day!  What is your favorite flavor of taffy?  Banana Cream Pie? Chocolate? Cotton Candy? Candy Corn? Caramel Apple? Cherry Cola? They are so creative that there are a ton of flavors to choose from nowadays : )

Growing up in Michigan, we used to visit Mackinaw City where mom always bought us a little bag of taffy and a slice of their fudge...yum!  Mackinaw City is the gateway to the Upper Pennisula which is accessed by the world's third longest suspension bridge, spanning 5 miles over The Straits of Mackinac which connect Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.  Built in 1957, it was the longest until 1998 when two others opened for travel.

Till next time, Ciao & Happy Cookin'

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