Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Are you eating my flowers?

     Are you eating my flowers? You just might be...I know I am.  One of the nice things about growing edible flowers of course besides their beauty is the joy of plating them and eating them!  This is not a new idea just one that had gone to the wayside and is now enjoying a comeback in the world of garnishes.
     While some may push them to the side of the plate, I make sure to eat them along with what they are there to highlight.  Nasturtium flowers were my choice this year to grace the side of my home and they did not disappoint.  Running along the length of the flower bed they have filled out and spilled over producing a wealth of colorful gems not only good enough to look at, but also to eat.
     Sharing them recently with a local restaurant to plate with their desserts has added to my personal happiness.  We all know that it is in the sharing with others that we receive our greatest internal pleasure.  So, next planting season think edible when putting in your flowers, not just for your vases but for your dinner table as well.  The leaves are slightly peppery and make a wonderful addition to a salad and the flowers themselves can be used in a lot of different recipes, not just for garnishing.

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