Thursday, 15 December 2011

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

I never cared for Brussels sprouts while growing up, in fact, I couldn't stand them.  I didn't like the smell of them cooking and couldn't eat them without grimacing.  Things have changed though, and over the years I have found that Brussels sprouts are in fact a very tasty vegetable and can be a beautiful side dish to your main course.  I am sure my mom would be very proud and happy as she has always loved them, she would ask, "How can you like cabbage, and not like Brussels sprouts?".  I always responded, "I don't know, but yuck!".

One of the foods I love is pork.  Pork anything! Pork everything! : ) So, what can make Brussels sprouts better? Bacon of course...I like to use a thick sliced bacon rather than the traditional type.

Start by cooking your bacon till crisp, sliced into match size pieces, when done...lay on paper towel to soak up grease until bacon is needed.  Drain excess grease from pan leaving only enough to saute your Brussels sprouts.

Slice a bit of the bottom off of your sprouts, and slice in half.  Blanch your Brussels sprouts for 2-3 minutes in simmering salted water.  Cook only until fork tender.

Place sprouts in the hot pan you cooked your bacon in with around a teaspoon of bacon grease, lying face down.  Lightly sprinkle them with fresh cracked black pepper.

Saute until lightly golden brown, add your bacon back in near the end to rewarm the bacon.

Finish with a good squeeze from half a fresh lemon to brighten the flavor of everything and bring it all together.  Serve as a side dish with your main, delicious!

I like cooking the bacon first to avoid making my Brussels sprouts too greasy from the bacon.  The cooking time is shortened due to the blanching of the sprouts and they have a beautiful bright color due to the short blanching time.

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